Sunday, March 16, 2014

Speaking Life

I was listening to my favorite songs on Spotify. I finished one song, and of course, before the next could come up, the Spotify app played a commercial. Promotions for various songs went on, and the announcer was talking about how these songs would “give your spring break a boost!” Then they closed the commercial with a little segment of one of the songs, “Talk Dirty”. it had a catchy , but slightly annoying tune, and a neat instrumental part that got easily stuck in my head. The commercial faded away, and the next song in my playlist started, one of my favorites. I quickly forgot the annoying commercial song as the opening cords of the song started, and I got ready to enjoy this favorite. “Some days life feels perfect, other days it just ain’t workin.” My thoughts went back to the annoying commercial. It was saying that those songs would make life more perfect. How will this song compare? Here’s my paraphrase of the lyrics of the song : “We can turn a heart with the words we say. Mountains crumble with every syllable; hope can live or die. So speak life To the deadest darkest night. Speak life when the sun won't shine and you don't know why. Look into the eyes of the brokenhearted; Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope,…love,…life. Speak life. Well it's crazy to imagine the words from our lips as the arms of compassion.” What a contrast! The world tells us to talk dirty, and live for yourself. But what does the Bible say? Our words are so important! They can be life! I talk all the time, but I rarely think of the eternal impact my words have. I want to encourage you to “Raise your thoughts a little higher, Use your words to inspire, Joy will fall like rain, When you speak life with the things you say. So Speak life.”

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